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         In Romania you will find the biggest area of natural forest from Europe with a diverse and rich fauna, and the hunting tradition represents an important component of the Romanian spiritual and material culture. Species that have disappeared a long time ago from the other parts of Europe can be seen here in viable and valuable populations, and the presence of big predators like the bear, the lynx and the wolf represent an element that confers continuity to the process of natural selection.
         For us, YOU are the most important person and if you have chosen to hunt in Romania, we will do our best to keep you satisfied:
         We will wait for you at the airport where we will help you with the custom formalities for weapons and ammunition and then we will escort you to the hunting house.
         We will put at your disposal all the needed information and documents for the trophy exports in order to have a journey with no problems.
         We have contacts with different hunting areas and if something may go wrong we can immediately change the hunting field so that you can hunt the trophy you want.
         In the situations when you have more time, we can visit the most important tourist points around the hunting area or even organize a longer trip through Romania, and if you are a fisherman or you like photography we can offer you a few days journey in the Danube Delta, with accommodation on a floating hotel and traditional menus.

Dani Gligor